Start or spruce up your online presence

Base Website

1 Page Website with Responsive Design.
1 x Design Mock-up.
1 x Basic Contact Form.
Elements - Header, Static Banner, 2 Content Sections & a Footer.

Extra Design Mock-up Concept

1 Extra design concept for your website.

Convert Custom Design to Template

Conversion of your custom look & feel design, supplied by you in open file format, to a template for Joomla/Wordpress/HTML5

Additional Web Page

Extra Page(s) for your website. Content size is equal to one A4 page in MS Word. Up to 5 static images.

Joomla/WordPress Website Conversion

Convert your old site to Joomla or Wordpress with a template designed to look close to your original site. CMS manual not included.

Up to 5 pages. Every extra page charged at R 200 per page.